Plant a seed and let it grow - then eat!


Welcome to PurpleBug – Bringing you the joy of growing your own, and some damned fine recipes for all that lovely fruit and veg!

I got my allotment just 3 years ago and I just love it!  Getting out on a crisp winter morning, lighting a fire to burn off some rubbish while clearing the paths and planning the new season.

Spring sees the sowing of seeds, the new growth, the lengthening days and warmer temperatures.  You can feel the world bursting into life all around!  The birdsong changes and the excitement of summer bounty and autumn harvesting abounds.

Summer is a more relaxing time with gentle weeding and watering, bbqs and enjoyment of the long warm days, the buzzing of the bees and big juicy strawberries!  The work put in earlier in the year now reaps its rewards!

Autumn brings the biggest harvest and time is split between harvesting and preserving.  Pickling, blanching and freezing, making jams and chutneys – all topics I will be covering in these pages.

So please read on, enjoy and send me your comments!


My Diary

Welcome to PurpleBug

Welcome to PurpleBug

This is to record both successes and failures as I grow on my allotment and I hope that these pages will be an inspiration to those just starting out, or even just thinking of growing edibles.

I’ve had my allotment for just three growing seasons, getting it in March 2015.

Allotment Day 1