A New Find at St Albans Farmers’ Market

A New Find at St Albans Farmers’ Market
Porcini Mushroom Powder

Every second Sunday of the month – cometh hell or high water – St Albans hosts a farmers’ market, which is an absolute must visit for me.  A foodie’s delight!  I generally have a list of things I need and the things I want – usually something I’ve spotted the month previously.  Everything from venison haunch to locally grown cabbage, locally produced goat’s cheese to… well, this fabulous Powdered Porcini.  What a find!  I got this in April’s market and have used it sparingly as advised.  It adds a lovely depth of mushroom that I would never been able to achieve before.

In honour of this lovely powder and to use another market find, tonight I’m making a Venison sausage and mushroom stroganoff – a UK quick and easy version!.  After a couple of beautiful weeks we seemed to have slipped back to the cold and wet end of Spring so some hearty, warming fair will be cheering, and as a nod to late spring we are serving this dish with crushed garlic Jersey Royals and new season English asparagus.


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