Autumn Returns

Autumn Returns

Autumn returns – and so do I!

It has been a gloriously long, hot summer with various successes and a few failures on the plot.  It was all about water, water and more water, which is bringing about some research and thought regarding ways to be more water wise.

Unfortunately, keeping on top of the watering and making a few big changes in my life, I was left with very little time for these pages.  I did grab photos and scribbled a load of notes so as the nights draw in I will be able to sit here and share them with you.

I am very excited to share the fact that I have developed such as love for gardening and the outdoors that I decided it was something I want to take beyond hobby.  I have started studying for the R.H.S. qualifications and swapped my full-time accounts job for a part-time position at a local garden centre that allows me the time to follow my dream.  I’m also acutely award of how lucky I am in having a husband who is totally supportive of my change in direction.

So; more time, more writing, more learning and more knowledge to share – I’d best start organising my notes!

See you very soon,


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