November blues

November blues
Peas on the allotment in Spring

So, I have finally succumbed to the rather nasty bug that has caused all around me to drop like flies.  I thought I’d managed to dodge it but a scratchy throat has given way to a high temperature and chesty cough and that is why I’m found at home in the warm – nothing to do with the freezing fog and general murkiness of the outdoors today! And to cheer me up I’ve looked out some of my old photos and started plans for spring.


I’m also using the time to catch up on a bit of study for my RHS qualifications, wrap up Christmas and invent a dinner using the left over sauce from last night’s chicken chasseur.  For the dinner, I’m adding mushrooms, shallots, baby spinach and flash fried minute steak to the reheated sauce, then adding cooked tagliatelle and a sprinkling of Parmesan, and serving the pasta with garlic bread.  Very carb filled but perfect comfort food for a cold night and one to remember for the night before a big exercise day next summer!


Steak and mushroom creamy pasta

I’m planning on adding more exercise to my daily routing staring on the first of Jan, pledging to be active every day in Jan with  Some of these activities will include allotment work I hope, although often the ground is too wet and heavy at that time of year. I may have a bit of a design jig during that time…. watch this space!


Nothing can be done tonight though so I shall content myself with the new edition of Gardeners World magazine and bid you good night!

Luce xx




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