Springing into Spring

Springing into Spring

What a glorious few days we have had!  Most unseasonal, but most appreciated, glorious sunshine has seen me make a good start to this year on my plot.

I’m having a bit of a redesign down at the allotment and it has taken longer than planned so this post I started writing at the beginning of March, I am only getting around to finishing now – end of May.  Sadly the glorious weather didn’t stay long and it’s been a pretty average spring on the temperature front, while definitely light on rain.  The ground seems so very dry.

In early spring, when this was taken, Mr S knocked up a supporting structure for the summer raspberries from hazel poles.  It is now covered in green and buzzing with bees.

I’m adding flowers to the plot too, to bring in the pollinators and because they’re pretty!  Spring flowers including this rather gorgeous anemometer

The old polytunnel took a battering in storm Doris a couple of years ago and by this spring was hanging on by a thread. It was time to go up in the world.  We exchanged our 2×3 for a 2×5

In addition to the excitement of the new tunnel, I also had the joy of a first asparagus harvest.  It’s been 3 years coming and just a small harvest so as not to weaken the plants, but if felt and tasted great!

Been busy at work too, learning lots! On fine days, of which we finally seem to be getting more then I can cycle to the allotment and then on to work. I’ve got a very cute basket for my bike now!

That’s it for tonight.

Lucy x

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