2020 – The Covid19 thing

2020 – The Covid19 thing

I didn’t post nearly as much as I should last year. It was a full year with a steep learning curve at work, through distance learning and at college. I had so much fun and met so many lovely people while doing the RHS level 2 practical at Capel Manor – fabulous place to visit or study when the current lock down ends.

Following the end of the college course in Feb and theory exams I took a bit of time out of study to visit The Houseplant Takeover at RHS Whisley and then the Orchids of Indonesia festival at Kew Gardens. Fabulous days out with my Kew Girls! Photo galleries follow!

Getting back into study is hard going but we now found ourselves on a 3 week garden leave period by the looks of things. Uncertainty is the most unsettling of things and I have been feeling most discombobulated of the past couple of weeks. Such a contrast to thee fun of the early year.

The fabulous nursery where I’m lucky enough to work closed its doors to customers yesterday then following Bojo’s speech last night I received a call asking me not to come in today as planned. I’m hoping that a three week lock down will be adhered to and things will start to be able to return to normal. I’m not feeling so hopeful…

In the meantime, brave face and find silver linings. So, the best news I’ve had today is from the fabulous John Harrison – check out his allotment site – who says, I quote, “Michael Gove MP, UK Minister for the Cabinet Office, stated this morning on the television that going to and tending your allotment was considered exercise and therefore allowable under the current more stringent rules for slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

‘Please continue to keep at least 2 metres away from other people – more is better! Remember the virus can be spread by contact from surfaces so if you touch something like a gate, padlock or tool touched by someone else, wash your hands with soap and water (even if cold) or use a proper hand sanitiser.”

So, we have a few days of sunshine forecast, I have some unexpected time off… there is only one thing to do. Make hay while the sun shines! (Only if safe to do so and keep social distancing)

So I’m off to make hay…

Stay safe and look after yourselves, your family and your neighbours.

Lucy xx