An Unusual Start to British Summer Time

An Unusual Start to British Summer Time

The clocks sprung forward at the weekend heralding the start of the summer; longer evenings, a chance to pop to the plot afterwork, even barbecues on warmer days – but this year is very different. Cold temperatures and bitter northerly winds, the country in near lock down, and people queueing for groceries in masks, 2 metres apart… it is all horribly unsettling and not the celebration that today would normally be.

That said, in the six or seven days of lock down so far, I have managed to get into a sort of routine. Check on my parents by phone and then collect anything they need, drop things off on their doorstep then cycle down to the plot and get some prep done….

That was until it got really cold so I spent the weekend holed up in the warm with a lovely Sunday roast beef and fruity crumble 🙂

Apple and berry, fruit crumble
Apple and berry, fruit crumble

Most of the prep is there or thereabouts now, and the plot seems to be waking up after its winter nap with blossom on my pear tree  and summer raspberry canes breaking bud.  After this cold snap I’ll be sowing a row each of parsnip, carrots and beetroot.  Once those are sown, I shall really feel like the season has finally started!

I planted my first and second earlies last week and lots of seeds are starting to show but until seeds are sown in situ….

I have lost a fair few seedlings this year due to taking them to the polytunnel rather that the parents greenhouse. It was in the early days of Covid-19 and the parents weren’t understanding why I wouldn’t come in, as if I was being silly and blowing everything out of proportion. So I decided not to risk visiting until they understood.

They get it now and luckily I have just enough time to start over…

Summer Raspberries breaking bud in Spring
Summer Raspberries breaking bud

So, on top of a well-prepped root vegetable bed (double dug no less!), I’ve had a bit of time at home to start sorting through old photos and reflecting on the changes of the past 5 years, since the time I took on Plot 18. I’m putting together an album showing progress as we speak!

Finding ways to fill the hours!

Stay safe and keep digging!

Lucy xx

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