Where’s Mojo 2021?

Where’s Mojo 2021?

This year has been a struggle. The cold but sunny April followed by a wet and cold May saw an incredibly slow start to the season with low germination rates and then an invasion of slugs and snails. I’m not sure whether the bad germination was anything to do with the switch to peat free compost, the poor weather or if perhaps a little mouse thief came a-calling… Still, some you win and some you lose.

The slugs have been relentless so those seeds I did get to sprout were discovered the following morning in a decapitated, slime covered mess. It did dampen the spirits especially with the RHS exams that I should have taken in June 2020 looming large. A year late, I did finally take my exams but it definitely had a major impact on the time I could spend at the plot during the early season. I think the exams went ok; I’ll find out soon.

I wasn’t just exams though. Since losing dad, mum has needed my time more. I need to find a balance somehow but after work I tend to be a tad spent as I’m on my feet all day. Before work is great when the place is in order but is just sad when you have to pull yourself away from a job that needs finishing. And the weather definitely hasn’t helped this year.

Wow, that let it out. That sounds like everything is negative. It isn’t! I discovered deep root trainers that I used to propagate my peas and I had a lovely crop for the first time ever. The autumn raspberries are doing fab – a bumper crop that I may brave tomorrow’s forecast rain to harvest enough for a jam. On the jam thought, the damson tree outside my flat is positively dripping with damsons – happy days!

All the beans are doing well and I have a little fledgling robin that keeps me company when gardening 🙂

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