2022 – New Year, New Beginnings!

2022 – New Year, New Beginnings!

Welcome to 2022! I can’t say that I’ll be glad to see the back of 2021… it was a long year that just felt stagnant somehow. I felt totally stuck in a rut, missing my adventurer son loads and this bloody pandemic seems to have dragged on forever. The summer weather was pretty miserable too, which never helps. However, it is now a new year and a new, positive mindset.

I passed my Level 2 diploma last year and have now moved up to Level 3 which is most enjoyable although quite a step up in the workload and depth of knowledge. The practical bits all seen to be timetabled for the end of the course so we’ll get the hard slog out of the way, then the fun can begin.

I should be working now but am procrastinating by writing this, seed sowing (leeks, onions, chillies and aubergine) and knocking together a veg chilli for dinner. I’m sure any sort of stew tastes better the next day when all the flavours have had a chance to properly infuse so I reserve the right to make it tomorrow’s dinner and just pull something out of the freezer for tonight.

May 2022 be a whole lot better than 2021!

Love Lucy