Unwind time

Unwind time

I finally have a few days of R&R. Long overdue!

It’s been a surreal couple of weeks. I had my RHS level 3 exams – thanks to train & tube strikes the previous day I nearly missed the one I most wanted to do well in. I almost wish I hadn’t made it as stress brain turned revision to mush. I’m expecting a fail on that one. 🙁 The other two I’m not sure about – the long wait to endure now as they don’t publish results until September. The practical is complete and signed off so I am ‘kind of’ RHS3 qualified!

Mum has finally moved from the family home of nearly 50yrs to a gorgeous apartment and I’m helping her furnish her balcony, so a bit of a traipse around the B&Qs, John Lewis, Homebase looking for a table and chairs. We found a lovely Hartman bistro set in the end so we can have cocktails on the balcony from Saturday! It’s tough leaving the family home but once she stops feeling like she’s on holiday she’ll embrace the new and appreciate having less cleaning and being walking distance to the village.

I’ve quit my job. I am hoping that I’ve found something else but I haven’t heard back and am now stressing that maybe I though it went better than it did. If I don’t get it then there are many things out there, but this was a particularly lovely location and I have some fab plans to better utilise the allotment space as it is definitely not performing to it’s full potential. Lots of successional sowing and beautiful baby veg 🙂

A week after the exams was the last day at college. One of the guys on the course works as a gardener at London Zoo so was scheduled to give us a behind the scenes tour. Sadly he couldn’t as he tested positive so he got his line manager to show us about. Ben was absolutely lovely and it was fascinating to hear about all the considerations and research they have to do to make sure the right plants are with the animals as they do graze so toxicity is foremost with plants being reflective of the area coming a close second.

We were shown the Galapagos Giant Tortoises by the lovely Tess and then let loose to explore the zoo. I made sure we visited the butterfly house as I used to work in the Aylett’s temporary one in summer and they are just amazingly beautiful creatures to me. We also visited the Little Giants exhibition and the penguins, loosing various friends and classmates to school plays and work along the way. I hope we all stay in touch. I’m planning on visiting Sam at the Inner Temple Garden next week.

So this week is to get on top of the garden and allotment, and work out the future – Not much!!!

Stay safe and big love


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