So I’m Lucy, a 40 something old who was bitten by the allotment bug a few years ago. Having spent a good few years moving around the world, getting my allotment was my way of putting down roots for the long term which tied into getting serious with, then married to, the fabulous Mr S.

The gardening bug bit hard and last year (2018) I was sat in an air conditioned office looking out at a glorious summer when I decided I could do that no more. I now work at a local plant nursery while studying for the RHS qualifications.

Along with travel, I love cooking and I love growing – cooking with the freshest possible ingredients grown with love and care in as an organic way as I can manage gives a satisfaction like no other and total taste explosion!

PurpleBug is a pretty much my ramblings split into growing pages, a recipes section and the blog that shares my latest successes, failures, tips I have heard on site, weather updates and anywhere else my mind takes me…

So have a click about, a read, a bit of a surf and I hope you enjoy!