Asparagus was a must for my plot. I absolutely love the stuff!  I have green asparagus, grown from crowns currently on year two so I should be able to get a small harvest from them next year, and this year I’m starting some purple asparagus from seed to give that a go.  It’s not something I’ve grown before but in my reading up about it, it seems to be much the same as the green stuff.

Seeds or crowns?  I started the green stuff with with crowns as it knocks a year off the time to first harvest, but many people believe that asparagus grown from seed is stronger and more suited to you particular conditions than the crowns.  There is also something so satisfying about growing from seed that I decided to grow from seed for the second asparagus bed.

Asparagus year 2

Asparagus is a labour of love as it takes 3 to 4 years to get to harvest, however a well maintained bed can be productive for twenty years or more.

Asparagus emerging in Spring
Asparagus emerging in Spring – year 3